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Turn Heads With a Top Quality Vinyl Car Wrap Albuquerque

A vinyl automotive wrap is a solid investment with marketing money well spent for your company. Very inexpensive when compared to many other forms of advertising, you can literally reach thousands of new potential customers a day with a well designed, eye catching vinyl wrap whether the vehicle is on the move or parked. Both UV and weather resistant, vinyl wrap products are an economical means to keep your company name in front of customers and working for you 24/7.  They are cheap enough to use to promote an event, a massive sale, or other one-time promotions. Vehicle wraps also announce your company has arrived, and today, that is important to consumers. It is a sure bet that a company truck wrapped and displaying the name, address, phone numbers, license numbers, and other pertinent information serves to assure you are who you say, and helps your customers feel safe. People in Albuquerque like to buy from a local company whenever possible. A wrapped vehicle lets the whole world know who you are, and where you are located. A local company with a wrap instantly moves up the selection list as reliable, professional, and local in the eyes of consumers.

Protect Your New Car Finish With a Vinyl Wrap, Albuquerque

Vinyl wraps provide a big advantage for consumers when wanting to protect the finish of your car or just need a change of pace. Vinyl wraps are available in just about any color film you can imagine, or can be custom designed and printed specifically to fit your likes and your automobile, boat, four wheeler, trailer, or RV. The vinyl material is durable and holds up well to New Mexico sun. It also protects the finish of your vehicle from sun, dirt, light abrasions, and wind blown sand and dirt. By protecting your vehicle’s finish, you will avoid fading and scratches that affect the value at resale, trade, or even more so, when your lease is up and the car gets returned.  There are clear paint protector films available that will work with clear coat and other finishes. The vehicle wrap films are easy to have removed, and depending on sun exposure and care they last up to 7 years. A wrap is a good, cost effective way to keep your car’s finish looking like showroom new, letting you maximize trade in or resale value when you get ready for a new ride.

Maximize Your Advertising Dollars With Vehicle Wraps Albuquerque

Vinyl wraps have become an important marketing mechanism for company vehicles.  They are a moving billboard that has the potential of creating a massive number of “views” every day while in traffic or parked at a customer’s home or job site, and customizing one makes your company vehicle stand out and be noticed. Vinyl wraps can be done in a full wrap, a partial wrap, done with die cut decals, or vinyl cutouts. Each method has advantages in achieving a custom look for promoting your company.  Since the wraps and panels are printed in house, we can provide fast turn-around and create nearly any color, shape, or design. Wraps also provide protection to the finish of company vehicles, insuring your automotive investment holds higher resale value. This is especially true compared to custom lettering done with paint, which has to be removed and/or repainted to sell the company vans or trucks, or you face a significant loss taken on valuation due to the permanent customization.  Wraps are easy for us to remove (we do suggest a pro do it, so there is no chance of scratching your pristine paint), and if there is ever an issue, we guarantee all our work.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps are Far More Durable than Plasti Dip, Albuquerque

 Plasti Dip is a new method of adding pearl, flake, color change, and other effects to your car’s finish. The challenge is that Plasti Dip, with the exception of small parts like wheels, is not legal for a shop to install due to the highly toxic nature of any volume of the paint-like product. This means most “dippers” are DIY-ers that are putting a chemical onto their paint, chrome, anodizing, and other finishes and are not sure how to do it, what to do, and how it will turn out. It also means you really have no idea what will happen to the finish underneath. Plasti Dip is expensive, and is basically a liquid thin downed with solvent version of what goes into a vinyl car wrap. It has to be applied in at least 6 layers that are smooth, consistent, not bubbled, and not touching any materials it will not come off of (like most trim, tires, and a lot of chrome) if it needs to be peeled off and reapplied, a common thing needing to be done. 

 Plasti Dip by nature does not work well with many new car finishes, many repainted vehicle finishes, many clear coats, and a wide variety of chrome applications. You need to test each type of material first in an inconspicuous area to make sure you will not be permanently destroying the finish of your car, because Plasti Dip, especially with many flakes and pearls, fades, and all Plasti Dip deteriorates over time. We do not do Plasti Dip processes at Simply One Stop Graphic Design & Print Studio because we guarantee our products to go on well, look great, and last. We also do not want to see your car’s finish potentially damaged, or our crews exposed to highly toxic chemicals that will damage the environment.  A quality, custom designed vinyl wrap is usually much less expensive than any Plasti Dip process and we can often mimic the same finish, coloration, color change, carbon fiber, metallic, or other special effect on your car with a finish that is safe for your vehicle, durable, and does not decay and flake away over time.

Albuquerque Vinyl Wrap and Cutouts Add Style and Class

There are several basic types of wraps or vinyl work SOS can create for a vehicle: a full wrap digital print; a full wrap color change; a partial wrap; die cut decals; or vinyl lettering and cutouts. Sometimes one method crosses over with another, depending on need and application. We can do the graphic design work for any of these processes in house, and have your vehicle ready to roll in a short period of time with a new skin or look. All full wraps and most partials and other applications are done in our climate-controlled warehouse, so we can assure a clean, professional application and finished product we are proud to turn over to the happy vehicle owner. If your boat, catamaran, or rig is too large, we will send our professional install team to your location.

 A full wrap digital print is a custom creation that covers the entire vehicle, including some side windows and/or rear windows that utilize with perforated out-visibility film for driving safety. These wraps can be highly customized, and as subtle or bold as you like. Some clients like to utilize photographic images that represent their services or location, or an image that plants a seed in the mind of a potential customer. Others opt for a custom graphic design that shouts out what they do and how well they do it to the viewing public. Full wraps generally stay looking good for 3-5 years before they may need replacement, a time frame that generally matches fleet vehicle turnover. Since the wraps are easy to have removed and the finish underneath will be intact, companies can get a better sales price on their used vans, trucks and cars.   If the full wrap is a color change wrap, you will find it is better than a paint job and far less costly and time consuming. We produce all our full wraps in-house, and you can have a new color or effect on your vehicle and be ready to roll in just a few days. 

 Partial wraps most often incorporate a set of printed vinyl panels that are applied with an overlay of custom cut vinyl lettering, a design, or a logo. This allows a high level of customization with the look of an upscale hand-lettering job on company vehicles. Partial wraps are particularly helpful when contour and trim lines on a vehicle need to be worked with to achieve a polished, professional layout and look. They are also budget friendly, and work very well on large vehicles like box and delivery trucks, trailers, and other sizeable objects.  Partial wrap panels are also great for showing spirit, such as a tailgate headed for the big game! Show your support with an inexpensive wrap done in true colors for your team or school. 

 Die cut decals are similar to partial wraps in that they do not cover the entire vehicle, but involve a custom designed and printed vinyl panel that the design is then cut out and laminated around to increase durability before being applied to the vehicle. They are extremely useful with full color logos and when precise, custom colors are needed for lettering to match a company’s style policy or “look”.  

 Have you always wanted red-hot licking flames coming out of your lawn tractor engine? How about some classy scrollwork for your golf cart, bus, or airplane?  How about the ranch name and brand on your combines and tractors? We can create them, and many more custom vinyl cutouts when customers want something unique to add their own style to a vehicle. Vinyl cutouts also work well in many applications inside a business, for door signage, or on the floors or walls for directional and other purposes such as promoting a sale, adding a company logo, demarcating queues, and in many other creative solutions.  They are tough enough for marine applications, as well as to create décor, and are much cheaper than hand lettering for call and ID numbers, or that rainbow and unicorn mural your daughter wants painted on her bedroom walls. 

Your Company Vehicles are a Moving Advertisement, Your Car a Personal Style

When you want to take advantage of the open canvas your vehicles present, call us or stop by. Simply One Stop Graphic Design & Print Studio loves creating unique applications for your vehicle, whether maximizing your business potential or your personal panache. Our design team has thorough conversations with every client before any project, so the best impact at exactly the right level you are seeking is achieved in every project. All applications are done in our climate-controlled warehouse to assure quality workmanship that is long lasting and looks perfect when it rolls out. We guarantee our work, and are proud to have many satisfied clients throughout the Albuquerque region. Let’s get started on a creative use of your vehicle today.