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SOS Has The Best Selection for Embroidery, Albuquerque

An industry standard for many years, custom apparel and item embroidery makes your staff stand out from the crowd. Your advertising items go up in esteem by the client who receives one of your embroidered baseball caps, polo shirts, or totes, and you can rest assured that the item will not end up in a donation box. Custom embroidery sets a bar for quality and care put into any item that markets your brand.

 Embroidery is normally done as direct sewn into the fabric of an item, or through creation of a patch that is then ironed and/or sewn onto the garment or item. There are a wide variety of different kinds of apparel and products that lend themselves to embroidery. Embroidery has advantages, as it can be used to create distinct logos and lettering, and can be successfully applied in a wide variety of locations on items such as sleeves and pockets that make details difficult for other processes. Fine line, curvaceous, or detailed fonts also render better in most instances through the use of embroidery. The thread colors and count are many, and the end item is durable and washable in nearly all cases. 

 Used on a wide range of products, from totes, shirts, and towels to patches, hats, and bags, embroidery usually involves one of two types of thread – rayon or polyester. Rayon creates a shiny look to the finished work, while polyester provides durable, intense color options. Any number of fabric choices ranging from 100% organic cotton to rayon, polyester, modal, and even some plastics can be successfully embroidered. Ask us for samples you can actually see and feel if you need further assistance making a choice for the best option for your project.

Sharp, Good Looking Embroidery Albuquerque NM Notices

In business, first impression often makes the difference in getting the sale or signing up a new customer. An embroidered polo or dress shirt makes a statement about your staff and the care you put into your business by presenting qualities you wish to show to the public. Embroidered items, while more expensive, also carry a strong message of caring that go into how a new customer sizes up your sales staff and your company. Customers retain embroidered items when the method is used for gift items, due to the clean, professional, high-end image it creates. 

Embroidery can be more expensive than other methods of printing, so it is not always ideal for a very small order quantity. Full color images, such as photographs, cannot usually be reproduced accurately through the use of embroidery. If you are looking for a method that is long lasting, durable, and creates a strong professional impact, embroidery is a terrific option on a wide variety of items.


SOS Can Design Your Custom Embroidery, Albuquerque


Many embroidery companies have limited ability to get embroidery work done that requires custom creation or artwork, but we do at Simply One Stop Graphic Design & Print Studio. Our on-staff talented creative team can take your design or logo and create custom artwork that will work well in an embroidered medium. We can also suggest fonts and colors that make a lasting impression. The cost of making digital files for the embroidery machine from your logo, brand identifier, or other artwork is very inexpensive. This direct transfer method assures that the design will be true to your artwork, including in dimensions and color registration. Using our state-of-the-art digitized embroidery machines means we can often get finished products to you faster than many other processes, with a higher quality end product.  

Our digitized process saves money and time, and we can get your embroidered items done and to you faster than any other embroidery service in the Albuquerque region. 

Our graphic designers have many years of experience working with creations ending in sewn product, and know the nuances that make your design highly legible while creating a strong positive impression. Call us or fill out our online form and we will set up a time to meet. If you need ideas for items to have embroidered for company gifts or bonuses, we can supply samples so you can see and feel the quality of workmanship and materials that go into every embroidered product SOS designs and produces. SOS is locally owned and operated, and we are long time Albuquerque residents. We take pride knowing our embroidery work is seen and remembered for both business and pleasure adaptations in the Albuquerque greater region. 

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