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 Many people without a lot of experience in business will tell you that business cards are a thing of the past, and not to waste time and money getting them printed. At SOS, we have a polite response to that – they obviously did not get us to design their business cards. Poorly designed, boring, low quality, off register, weird, obtuse, or simply impractical business cards do tend to get pitched.  Business cards that get kept tell what and whom they are the contact and reminder information for, and often, how the card appeals to the holder. If you do not make an impression, most likely neither will your business card. If you do, or you have a product that people want to know about or remember, your business card is going to get kept nearly 100% of the time.

 The problem with business cards is that people try to get cheap, or cute. Either one is problematic. A business card is a statement of who you are and what you are about, including the quality you bring to the table. Even an inexpensive stock card can speak volumes for a service business if the card is designed well, eye catching, easy to read, contains all the pertinent information, and is practical to keep. What we mean by the last is while oversize, square and strange finish cards are unique and work wonders in some situations, do they lend themselves to being kept? Business cards need to contain all the necessary information and not much clutter. They can serve a dual purpose for writing a quote down, listing an appointment time, details you wish to convey about particular services you do offer, or stay blank on the back. The face of the card has to have all the contact information, and if possible, hours of operation for a business. The photo, colors, logo, and printing should be consistent with the theme, fonts, and other advertising pieces you use for your company. Continuity of design across all media presents a professional, clean, pulled together look that says quality to a new acquaintance or potential client. 

Top Quality Albuquerque Business Cards at a Good Price

At Simply One Stop Graphic Design & Print Studio we like to encourage business card customers to think out of the box. You can use a square business card, especially if it works with your business services, or logo and design elements. Recycled stock, rag bond stock, glossy versus matte, die cut, and photographic backgrounds, logos and design elements all create different expectations for the receiver. Often subtle, unspoken, or subconscious messengers, business cards can speak to the edgy nuances of a modern hair and nail salon, or the staid professionalism of an accounting firm. Colors and colors of ink should also reflect the colors and theme of the company throughout the remaining stationery, signage, lettering, and other printed materials that flow together to create an overall polished, pulled together image for a company.  

Business card stock is available in various weights and material composition, with finishes that vary from matte to high gloss, or may be coated. Card corners can be square, rounded, or even die cut. Cards can be printed, imprinted, or have raised lettering. Truly, the sky is nearly the limit on what your business or personal card can say and convey through choice of materials, finishes, colors, and design. Design is an important element, too, since the space is small. Design legibility is extremely important, especially in printing the cards so the registers are crisp and lettering easy and clean to read. Our design team can give you advice or even do a high quality layout inexpensively for you with your logo or artwork or a completely custom design. It is important to us that your card gets the right message across, and gets kept.

Personal Cards Are Coming Back in Style

 Many of our clients are utilizing personal calling cards in addition to business cards these days, and it makes sense. With cell numbers, email addresses, and social media contact information needing to be exchanged, inexpensive personal cards, the size and shape of traditional business cards, can have all that information at the ready for you to share at the next meet and greet, Meetup for your favorite hobby, or while looking for new members and volunteers for your favorite charity. Personal cards add elegance and assure your information will be retained. They are especially helpful for civic activities, collectors, hobbyists, campaigners, and others who need to share their information on a regular basis. A classy, inexpensive alternative to the back of an envelope or the never available any more matchbook cover, personal cards make staying in touch easy, with a sense of class. It also saves fumbling for the phone to enter a contact and later having absolutely no idea to whom it belongs.

When you need a memorable, save-worthy business card designed and produced, call us or send in our contact form. We will get some basic information and can provide a free quote and lead-time for the project. We are locally owned and take pride in making sure all our Albuquerque region customers get seen and remembered when that card gets pulled out of the wallet or purse, instead of heading to the round file.

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